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Writer's Resource: Ghostwriting, Editing & Consulting for 20 Years

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Hillsborough, NC, 27278
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Ghostwriter & Publishing Consultant Laine Cunningham

September 1994 to Present

Writer’s Resource works with authors, public speakers, thought leaders and small presses to ghostwrite, rewrite and edit fiction and nonfiction; pitch to agents and publishers; develop business proposals and art grants; and branding. Two decades of experience with fiction and nonfiction books have boosted the careers of traditionally published and indie authors. Clients working with adult as well as juvenile texts from children’s picture books through young adult novels have found success with Laine’s support.

Results Currently, 59 titles are under contract with agents or publishers. Books handled by Writer’s Resource have gone on to win 11 national awards. Nonfiction clients have had their ghostwritten projects financially sponsored by Fortune 500 companies, and endorsed by CEOs and celebrities. Fiction clients have been shopped to Disney and Pixar, received contracts for series, and been placed in libraries and schools nationwide.

Ghostwriting, Rewriting and Editing Laine is a member of Gotham Ghostwriters, "New York City's only world-class, full-service writing firm."  Through them, she offers her services to an exclusive client list that includes the heads of global foundations, the last three US presidents and two vice presidents. 

Laine works with authors to develop a seed concept into a detailed outline, writes the draft manuscript, then revises and edits to create a final version. Rough drafts provided by clients are developed and rewritten as needed. Projects that are nearly finished have been edited. Clients have signed with top agents who shopped the works to Hollywood and the Big Five publishers. 

Pitch Clients looking to place their work with agents and publishers have received query letters, book proposals, juvenile submission packets, and individual pieces like bios and synopses. Pitch items have been singled out by agents as the most comprehensive and professional among thousands of submissions. She assists with the search by generating targeted contact lists of agents and publishers.

Press National news outlets have sought Laine’s opinion on issues ranging from The Oprah Effect to the end of the Harry Potter series and Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter. Outlets include CNN Money,,, BNN (Canada’s version of CNN),, Media Bistro, writer’s magazines, and national and regional radio and TV shows.

About Laine Laine has conducted writing and pitch seminars for some of the nation’s largest literary organizations. As a juror for the Minnesota State Arts Board, she distributed over $200,000 to Twin Cities programs. Laine’s fiction and nonfiction works have received five national awards along with a host of regional honors. She has completed writing residencies at half a dozen programs including the Vermont Studio Center and two international programs.

Select Project List
Children's book series (5 titles) for trauma victims. Development, revisions, book proposal, query letter. Small publisher. 2017.

High school student self-help. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Leading education publisher. 2017. 

Parent self-help. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Leading education publisher. Dec 2016.

Teacher self-help. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Leading education publisher. Nov 2016. 

Principal (educator) self-help. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Leading education publisher. Oct 2016.

Fictionalized middle-grade biographies of female athletes. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Requested by three of the Big Five publishers through a leading agent. 2016.

Christian novel. Development, book proposal, query letter. Midsized publisher. 2016. Review: “Gritty truth and expert character development.”

Federal prison guidebook. Restructuring, revisions. Small press. 2016.

Guide to Prison Education. Restructuring, editing, book proposal, query letter. Small press. 2016.

Urban school reform. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Requested by two of the Big Five top publishers. 2016.

Middle grade novels that teach self-help concepts. Two of five books. Ghostwritten. Two literary agencies requested the manuscripts before they were completed. 2016.

Dog memoir. Development, revisions. First print run sold out in 30 days. Small press. 2015.

Speculative short stories. Ghostwritten. Considered by leading invitation-only fiction outlet. 2015.

Home and health self-help. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Small press publication. Oct 2014. Review: “Love it - wonderful perspective on getting your home to work. Lots of great ideas without being judgmental. Refreshing take on decorating and a happy home.”

Leadership and entrepreneurship for women. Ghostwritten. Small press publication. Mar 2014. Review: “Provides practical guidance for women to succeed in corporate America and entrepreneurship, based on her own valuable experience.”

Education inside America's prisons. Restructuring, revisions, editing, book proposal, query letter. Big Five publisher. 2014. Review: “I anticipated a dry directory of prison educations programs. To my surprise, I encountered something far, far different. … It is not a book for inmates. It is a book for everyone.”

Middle grade novel about a Muslim girl. Ghostwritten, query letter. 2014.

Middle grade fantasy novel. Development, editing. Small press. 2014.

Series of twelve children’s picture books that teach social and life skills. Development, ghostwriting, revisions, crowdfunding campaign that pulled in $100 per day. 2014.

Travel memoir. Development, editing, book proposal, query letter. Small press. 2014. Review: “Refreshing in its honesty and candor … had me laughing out loud … highly recommended.” “Had me laughing out loud and crying – usually at the same time throughout … her raw, real approach to writing … is refreshing and inspiring.”

Parenting initiatives. Development, restructuring, editing, book proposal, query letter. Small press. 2013. Review: “The thoughtful ideas in this book show how changing how parental rights are approached with a small percentage of parents - under 4% - can dramatically improve our society. Highly recommended.”

Christian middle grade novel. Ghostwriting, book proposal, query letter. Small press. 2013.

Nonfiction on sustainable communities. Revisions, editing.  2013.

Anti-bullying middle grade nonfiction self-help. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Winner, national award, 2014. Mid-level press. Oct 2012. Packaged by mid-level book packager, 2016. Review: “WOW!! After reading this wonderfully written book I was really in awe …  this book should be bought by every and I do mean EVERY parent and their children.” 

Christian novel. American Library Association (ALA) Top Pick for 2012. Development, editing, book proposal, query letter. Small press. 2012. Review: “Reading this for the SECOND time and just ordered two more copies for friends. I literally devoured this story in only a few days and I DO work full time! The … suspense will keep you wanting more.” 

Children's flip book. Ghostwritten. Small press. May 2013. Review: “This is a great children's book that teaches kids the power of their thoughts, and how positive thoughts can empower them to achieve greatness. I've read it to my kids a few times and they were locked in to the story and the message. … Should be a staple on the kids bookshelf right along with Dr. Seuss.” 

Crime novel. Editing. Small press. 2013. “Heavily flavored with the real details of police work, this crime novel is sure to thrill PI fans … the crossover into New Age territory ... allows for a very unique twist at the end.”

Contemporary novel. Two national awards. Editing. Small press. 2012. Review: “Beautifully written … I laughed and I cried while reading this amazingly touching story.”

Easy reader folktale. Ghostwritten, query letter. Considered by Simon & Schuster; small press. 2012. Review: “This story is very appealing. … I am left enlightened … and would recommend it to people of all ages.”

Parenting tips nonfiction. Development, restructuring, editing, book proposal, query letter. Small press. 2012.

Children's picture book. Development, editing. Small press. 2012.

Prison education. Restructuring, editing. Small press. 2011. Review: “On the subjects of prison, education, and rehabilitation, in his monumental [book, the] author ... has much to say. And he says it very well.”

Easy reader folktale. Ghostwritten, query letter. Considered by Simon & Schuster; small press. 2011. Review: “Another classical story that portrays a traditional African folktale at its very best … a must-read for every young child … strongly recommended.”

‚ÄčNovel based on real events. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Small press. Apr 2011. Review: “A real page-turner.” “An excellent read with progressive character development that had me hooked within the first few pages,” and “When you think nothing else can happen, BAM! Another twist.”

Women's fiction novel. Editing. Small press. 2011.

Speculative novel. Development, restructuring, editing. Small press. 2011.

Medical thriller. Editing. Small press. 2011. Review: “Twists and turns throughout the story make the book a real page turner.” 

Women's business book. Ghostwritten. Small press. June 2010.

Business and career self-help. Proposal and query letter. Big Five publisher. 2010. Review: “Funny, insightful … a must read at any age for anyone who feels stalled in their career or their life.”

Medical reference for mainstream audience. Small press. 2007 and 2010.

Humor. Book proposal. Big Five publisher. 2010. Review: “A delightfully funny treat.”

Metaphysical (New Age) novel. Development, editing. National award winner.  Small press. 2010. Review: “Highly recommended! This is not just engaging fiction, but full of layered meaning applicable to all our lives.”

Self-help for emotional healing. Development, editing, book proposal, query letter. Small press. 2010. Review: “I will be holding onto this as if it were my bible.”

Memoir. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Endorsed by top actress/film director. Optioned for film. Small press. Aug 2009. Endorsement: "A poignant and personal story of healing … a masterfully written memoir.”

Self-help. Ghostwritten. Small press. 2008. Review: “Extremely funny, and heartwarming for the soul. It's one of those books that you can't put down and it just makes you laugh so hard. An addicting page turner.”

Speculative novel. Development, editing. Small press. 2008. Review: “One hell of a read.”

Middle grade novel. Ghostwritten. 2008. “A page-turner for youngsters with a very powerful message ... As an educator for over 35 years … I witnessed changes in my students’ lives [through empowering stories. and this is the] perfect story to do just that.”

Gift book series. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. Representation offered by leading agent. 2008. “Significant potential in the market.” Featured in Fido Friendly, Animal Radio, Talkin’ Pets radio, The Pet Podcast channel, and others.

Mystery novel. Editing. Big Five publisher. 2007.

Contemporary novel. Development, editing, book proposal, query letter. Small publisher. 2007.

Christian historical novel. Ghostwritten, book proposal, query letter. 2005.

Career self-help. Development, editing, book proposal, query letter. Small press. 2004. Review: “Easy to read … interesting and comprehensive exercises.”

Thriller. Ghostwritten. 2004. Offered representation by three leading literary agents. 

Middle grade adventure novel. Development, revisions, editing. 2003.

Children's picture book. Development, editing. Small press. 2002. Review: “An excellent book.”

Contemporary novel. Development, editing. Winner, Canadian fellowship. Small press. 2001. Client comment: “When my publisher got to the changes Laine recommended, he was blown away at how much better the book had become.”

Children's picture book. Development, editing. Winner, national award. 1998. Review: “Wonderfully written … The messages of self-love and African pride taught by the Grandfather are touching and will warm the hearts of the Parents while teaching the Children a sense of pride! A must read for children of all ages and nationalities.”