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May 29, 2014


BookLife is a website from Publishers Weekly dedicated to indie authors. The site provides a free and easy way to submit self-published books to Publishers Weekly for review, and offers editorial content—success stories, interviews, author profiles, how-to pieces, news, and features—geared toward helping indie authors achieve their goals. Whether an author is focused on writing and editing, art and design, or marketing and distribution, BookLife has valuable resources that can help along the way.


BookLife's mission is to help indie authors achieve their publishing goals. We aim do to this by providing professional tips, insights, and strategies for creating and marketing books; a place to connect and share with other indie authors; and a simple and free way to submit self-published books for review to Publishers Weekly. Over the coming months, we plan to increase the features offered on the site based on the feedback we receive from our users.


Publishers Weekly has been reviewing self-published books since 2010 when it began its PW Select program. Over the years, as the program became more and more popular—moving from quarterly to bi-monthly to monthly—it became obvious that independent authors needed a site dedicated to the type of resources and support that only Publishers Weekly could provide. So in May 2014, Publishers Weekly joined forces with tech company Mediapolis, Inc. to launch BookLife.


Besides being supported by the entire Publishers Weekly and Mediapolis operations, BookLife's key players are:

Carl Pritzkat, president: Carl is also vice president of business development for Publishers Weekly and was a co-founder of Mediapolis.

Adam Boretz, editor: Adam has been the editor of PW Select since its creation in 2010, and he has overseen Publishers Weekly's participation in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards since 2007.

Cevin Bryerman, publisher: Cevin has been the publisher of Publishers Weekly since 2010.


For press inquires please contact Christi Cassidy:; 505-986-1142 or 917-217-4269


Video Tutorials

To learn more about BookLife and how an indie author can get the most out of it, please visit our video tutorials.

Publishers Weekly Review Submission

If you would like to submit a title for Publishers Weekly review consideration, you must create a BookLife account and submit your title through the BookLife system. Any reviews submissions outside this system will not be processed.  For more information visit our reviews information page.

Promotional Opportunities

BookLife offers a range of promotional opportunties for indie authors as well as indie author service providers.  Click on the links below to learn more information about them:

PW Select - market your book through Publishers Weekly

BookLife Services Directory - free listings for service providers

Book Fair Marketing - reach thousands of industrial professionals at book fairs around the world

Sponsored Q&As - reach a wider audience to tell the story behind your book

Press Release Distribution - discounted pricing on distributing your press release via PRWeb


For answers to frequently asked questions about BookLife, visit our BookLife FAQs page.